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Creating Favorites

  • 1. For information on creating favorites, click the following link:
  •    Creating Favorites

Bid Room

  • 1. Select Bid Room from the menu
  • 2. Select the Project you wish to download files from
  • 3. Enter the password for this Project.
  • 4. Navigate to the desired folder, if necessary.
  • 5. Click on the file you wish to download. Click on the green down arrow/download button on the menu bar to download the file.

Plan Exchange

  • 1. Go to Upload Download Plans/Files
  • 2. Select The Apporpriate Project

  • To Upload Files, Navigate to the folder you wish to upload the files to. New folders can be created. Click Browse in the bottom right corner. Select the files you wish to upload. Click upload. Multiple files can be uploaded.

  • To Download A File, Navigate to the folder where the file you desire is saved. Click on the file to select it. Click on the green down arrow/download button to begin downloading.

Commitments, Contract Agreements

  • 1. Select Commitments or Contract Agreements
  • 2. Select The Apporpriate Project

  • Click on the appropriate file to download or save to your computer.

RFI Responses

  • 1. Select RFI Response from either the Design Profs or the Subs & Suppliers Menu
  • 2. Select the Project, Job and RFI # you are responding to.
  • 3. Click on the date field to select the date of your response.
  • 4. Enter the text of your response.
  • 5. Click on Save/Update to Save or Update your response.
  • 6. If you wish to include files, click on browse to bring up the a file browser. You can shift click to select multiple files.
  • 7. Click Upload to upload the files you selected.

  • Our staff will be notified automatically when you respond to the RFI.